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Paediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with infants, children, and adolescents.

Knowurture Paediatrics Centre of Excellence provides complete medical care of infants, children, and adolescents.

Sub Specialities under Paediatrics:

Adolescent medicine
Child abuse Paediatrics
Clinical informatics
Developmental-behavioural Paediatrics
Headache medicine
Hospice & palliative care
Pain medicine
Paediatric allergy and immunology
Paediatric cardiology
Paediatric critical care
Paediatric emergency medicine
Paediatric endocrinology
Paediatric gastroenterology
Paediatric hematology
Paediatric infectious disease
Paediatric nephrology
Paediatric neuro-oncology
Paediatric neuropsychology
Paediatric oncology
Paediatric pulmonology
Paediatric rheumatology
Sleep medicine
Social Paediatrics
Sports medicine
Transplant hepatology