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Knowurture Geriatric Center of Excellence, offers comprehensive geriatric medical services aimed at improving the quality of life for. The center provides assistance to older adults, families and caregivers who need help answering healthcare questions, identifying their needs, and accessing necessary services. Our team of trained care providers assess an individual's needs for medical and mental health status, special needs and social functioning. Mental health conditions such as depression are common in later life. A geriatric psychiatrist is a physician highly trained in the management of emotional and behavioural problems related to aging. Interventions may include both counselling and medication.

Services include:

Social Interaction/ programming
Cognitive programming
Behavioural Health
Interventional Pain Management
Infectious Disease
Chronic care management
Diagnostic evaluation
Drug therapy
Customized treatment plans
Individual therapy
Family therapy
Couples treatment
Assistance with Coping with dementia and behavioural problems
Dealing with life changes
Diagnosis and treatment of agitation due to dementia
Consultation and liaison with primary care physicians, assisted living facilities and adult communities
Outreach and public education