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Know ur ture

Pronounced Nur-cher Implies

Know Ledge with a focus on your Future

At Knowurture we believe and strive to create a better world where suffering caused by ill health is reduced by access to information and Knowledge of the expert. Every time we see someone suffering from a health crisis we have felt helpless. When it is due to lack of knowledge and uncertainty about the cure or prevention, we have hung our heads in shame. We are given to understand that the ways of the world cannot make tangible things like medicine or treatment affordable to entire humanity... but the lack of knowledge?

My Guiding Principle

"Never be a Spectator of Unfairness or Stupidity. The Grave will Supply Plenty of Time for Silence."

-Christopher Hitchens (1949 - 2011)


My Vision

Empowering Patients in resolving medical uncertainties

To empower patients and physicians make the best medical decisions when faced with uncertainties associated with chronic ailments, rare diseases, complex and complicated conditions.

Offering hope instead of despair. At Knowurture we believe and strive to create a better world where suffering caused by ill health is reduced by access to information and Knowledge of experts in context.

Empowerment interventions aim to equip patients (and their informal caregivers whenever appropriate) with the capacity to participate in decisions related to their condition to the extent that they wish to do so; to become "co-managers" of their condition in partnership with health professionals; and develop self-confidence, self-esteem and coping skills to manage the physical, emotional and social impacts of illness in everyday life.


My Mission

Resolving Medical Uncertainties

We work with you and your physician to provide personalized diagnosis and treatment plan, when you face chronic ailment, rare disease or any other complex, complicated medical condition. Our proprietary methodology combines the art and science of medicine to prevent, cure, care and manage ailments over one's lifetime.

My Values


Sense Of Urgency

Sense Of Urgency

...because delays can be fatal

Making real progress every moment of every single day by identifying opportunities and problems at the initial stage and taking intelligent initiatives with energy, speed and alertness. Our sense of urgency takes us closer towards our passion for performance.

Provide innovative solutions

Provide innovative solutions

...because past practices do not make meaning any more

All our efforts are driven towards questioning the status quo. We look for new, original and creative solutions to every challenge. We believe in a mindset and attitude that fosters creativity thereby efficiently producing a fresh perspective towards problem-solving.



...because we need to do whatever is right for the patient

We uphold integrity both in letter and spirit. We do only those things that are legal, fair to all concerned and make us and others feel proud. Integrity, for us, is the quality of having strong moral principles and the state of being whole and undivided. We are predictably consistent and committed in our actions, values, methods, measures, principles and expectations irrespective of the outcomes.

Compassion & Care

Compassion & Care

...because healing involves care & cure

We carry within ourselves a deep sense of concern and empathy towards others and a strong desire to lessen others' sufferings. Compassion is essential to humanity, relationships and a fulfilling life. Care underline the services rendered by us for the benefit of a patient.



...because patient is in the heart of our services

We believe in providing the right tools, training, resources, encouragement, knowledge and motivation to our stakeholders for them to feel empowered at every stage. Trusting, sharing knowledge and providing the authority to find solutions at every step.



...because we all want that feeling of self-worth

We want our patients to feel that they matter - that their values, beliefs and personal relationships will be respected. This applies to all our patients, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, social or cultural backgrounds, or their psychological or physical requirements.


My Logo

I am Knowurture's logo. I represent Knowurture's purpose of continuous happy surprises through sagacity.

Through Yin Yang I ensure a constant, harmonized and dynamic balance of all things whereby the whole is greater than the sum of the assembled parts. While Yin represents you and the data, symptoms and preferences that you bring Yang represents the medical fraternity's contributions, bringing in the art and science of medicine, both working in tandem in a shared decision-making environment for the best outcomes. The human figure in me depicts Knowurture values of sense of urgency, innovativeness, Integrity, empowerment, compassion and care and dignity.

My blue colour represents the trust, honesty and loyalty of everyone associated with Knowurture. Sincere, reliable and responsible - blue represents the inner security and confidence of Knowurture. Grey conforms the dependable and practical expertise at Knowurture. It is a colour of maturity and responsibility. White represents the new beginnings with purity and perfection. White offers a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope in everything that happens at Knowurture. I am each stakeholder's promise towards the organization vision and values. And thus I represent the completeness and wholeness of Knowurture.

My Tagline

My Tagline

Shaping Serendipity

Serendipity means "fortuitous happenstance" or "pleasant surprise". For serendipity to shape up, most important is the need to be "sagacious" enough to link together apparently innocuous facts in order to come to a valuable conclusion.

At Knowurture we build a culture of shaping serendipity not by processing information but rather by tapping the tacit and often highly subjective insights, intuitions, and hunches of experts and making those insights available. At Knowurture we develop intimate and seamless relationships with our customers, intermediaries, beneficiaries, vendors, employees, partners and other stakeholders to be prepared in many other ways to harness serendipity and make discoveries.