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Because Every life is precious

Give yourself the best shot

For many people, the first experience with a chronic condition or ailment begins quite simply with the discovery of a symptom or sign. A lump, a persistent pain, bleeding, and a cough -these are several of the most common signs. From this moment, the uncertainty begins. Could this symptom mean something? Can I assume it is nothing? This moment, often transforms life from one of general well-being and confidence to one of enormous anxiety and uncertainty about the future. That wonderful sense of certainty and expectation of continued life and health, a kind of denial that the bubble can ever burst, which we all start out with, is destroyed forever. There seem to be more questions than answers.

Knowurture strives to reduce these uncertainties and suffering caused by misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment and lack of knowledge about the disease. We believe, together we have the capabilities to create a new world, where suffering caused by uncertainty of a diagnosis or treatment does not exist, because every life is precious.

Avoid Misdiagnosis, Delayed diagnosis

Misdiagnosis 01

Misdiagnosis is far more common than you may think

The actual percentages of misdiagnosis and missed diagnoses are difficult to determine, although experts put the rate at around 20%.

Misdiagnosis 02

Delayed diagnosis

25% of people with rare diseases wait between 5 and 30 years from the time of first symptoms to a confirmatory diagnosis of their disease. 25% of people had to travel to a different region to obtain a diagnosis and 2% had to travel to a different country

Potential Severity of Injury form delayed or misdiagnosis


14% Immediate or Inevitable death

Immediate or Inevitable death


19% Serious Harm

Serious Harm


16% Permanent Harm or Death

Permanent Harm or Death


38% Considerable Harm or Remediation treatment

Considerable Harm or Remediation treatment

What causes a misdiagnosis?

causes a misdiagnosis

Many time-strapped doctors today typically spend 10 to 15 minutes or less with each patient - not because they don't care, but simply because there is not enough time in the day to meet demand for in-depth, more detail-oriented care.

causes a misdiagnosis

Health-care system is greatly fragmented with growing number of sub specialty areas where physicians practice. Resulting in delay or misread tests, miscommunication of findings or order the wrong tests.

causes a misdiagnosis

"Diagnostic Error: is Overconfidence the Problem?"- Dr. Eta S. Berner & Dr. Mark L. Graber. Once doctors have made up their mind about a patient's condition, and once a diagnosis has been reached the patient is sent down a treatment path, it's very, very hard to step off that path.

Have I been Misdiagnosed?
Am I Getting the Right Treatment?

You don't get better with treatment

Your symptoms don't match your diagnosis

Your diagnosis is based purely on a lab test

Your doctor attributes common complaints to an uncommon ailment

Your diagnosis usually involves a test you never received

Empower yourself

Don't try to diagnose yourself...and don't talk yourself out of going to the doctor.

Empower yourself

Take the time to provide your detailed medical history - and make sure your doctor knows about it. Help your physician put together all of the pieces.

Empower yourself

Be curious, and insistent. Learn about your illness, tests or procedures. Search for the latest and reliable information. Check our physician authored wiki and learning resources

Empower yourself

Online health communities provide emotional support through other members, help achieve health-related goals, motivate and advice about your condition and address your concern.

Empower yourself

A good, ethical doctor won't be upset by your desire for additional medical opinions. Getting to experts with your treating physician is crucial. Our experts are more than willing to work with you and your treating physician.