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Resolving Medical Uncertainties

We work with you and your physician to provide personalized diagnosis and treatment plan, when you face chronic ailment, rare disease or any other complex, complicated medical condition. Our proprietary methodology combines the art and science of medicine to prevent, cure, care and manage ailments over one's lifetime.

Because Every life is precious

Making quick and right decisions when faced with a medical situation is important for saving lives and giving the best shot at the ailment for you or your loved ones. However, uncertainty creeps into medical situation through every pore. This uncertainty- from knowing what is wrong to finding the physician with the most relevant background and experience- compounds when the medical situation happens to be a complex, complicated or a rare disease, impairing life. We work in resolving uncertainties associated with diagnosis and treatment, putting the focus back on precious life.

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Prevent, cure, care and manage ailments over one's lifetime

Knowurture focuses on solving complex and complicated medical situations. We believe that the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic, complex and complicated ailments is a sustained activity, and not a one-off medical fix. We provide a platform for managing medical condition and ailments over lifetime. Conventionally while doctors and hospitals deal with episodes of illness, we partner with you in the journey of prevention, cure and care. For this, we deploy a proprietary diagnosis and treatment planning methodology, which is designed to reduce unnecessary diagnostic tests and investigations, provide the latest evidence based medical information, draw upon the expertise of the best doctors and empower you to give yourself the best shot.

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Ailments that require innovative and creative approaches. Rare diseases, undiagnosed conditions, poor response to treatments.


Ailments that need expert insight, involves multiple specialities, research, caregiver collaboration and continuous follow-up. Chronic ailments, high risk pregnancies, infertility, congenital abnormalities, cancers.


Situation calling for immediate action. Many decisions, time constraints, priority to re-establish order.


Evidence based, clear cause and effect relationship exists. Everyday cases, not acute, non-chronic.

Collect, Collate, Collaborate

Using a structured and scientific approach, we collect all medical information from and about the patient, past to the present. This rich data provides us the context to build certain hypotheses around the disease. Our medical researchers then collate the personal dossier, combing through vast amounts of contemporary medical information about the disease, extracting relevant insights. Our technology-assisted tools crawl through a wide body of medical evidence to assist doctors in arriving at potential differential diagnosis. Where necessary, we deploy global medical expertise, using a panel of doctors to collaborate with the treating physician at arrive at an accurate diagnosis and treatment plans, all in a shared decision-making mode. We finally ensure superior patient outcomes by providing patient follow-ups. This way, we ensure that you and your physician are a team together fighting the ailment. Additionally, we ensure that our patients join other people on a similar health journey, being a part of our patient communities.

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Proprietary methodology to prevent, cure, care and manage ailments

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Interactive Patient Interview

Artificial Intelligence at Work

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Treating Physician

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Global Experts

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Treatment Goals

Set Your SMART Goals

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Treatment Planning


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With You in Recovery

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Making shared decision throughout

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