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User Defined Privacy

Private And Confidential

User Defined Privacy

We believe the relationship between a patient and a healthcare provider is based on trust. The healthcare provider must trust the patient to give full and truthful information and the patient must trust the healthcare provider to respect the privacy of such information.

At Knowurture we have a very clear understanding of patient privacy and confidentiality. Privacy is your right to keep information about yourself from being disclosed; that is, you are in control of others access to you or information about yourself. You decide who, when, and where to share your health information.

On the other hand, confidentiality is how we, as Knowurture, treat private information once it has been disclosed to others or ourselves. This disclosure of information usually results from a relationship of trust; it assumes that health information is given with the expectation that it will not be divulged except in ways that have been previously agreed upon, e.g., for diagnosis, treatment, for use in monitoring the quality of care that is being delivered.

Please refer to the detailed terms of reference and Privacy policy of Knowurture service and the HowRu Portal.