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Shared Decisions

"Nothing about me without me"

Shared decision making is a process in which clinicians and patients work together to make decisions and select tests, treatments and care plans based on clinical evidence that balances risks and expected outcomes with patient preferences and values.

Complicated Ailments

What matters to you as well as what is the matter

  • When patients engage in shared decision making they..
  • Learn about their health and understand their health conditions
  • Recognize that a decision needs to be made and are informed about the options
  • Understand the pros and cons of different options
  • Have the information and tools needed to evaluate their options
  • Are better prepared to talk with their health care provider
  • Collaborate with their health care team to make a decision right for them
  • Are more likely to follow through on their decision

decision implies

Less Surgeries and Cost

38% Less Surgeries

38% Less Surgeries

21% Less Cost

21% Less Cost

Steps to make shared decision

Making a shared decision, use the treatment goal setting, Treatment options look up and hoards of decision aids available on our portal

  • 1
  • 2
    Explore and
    compare treatment option.
  • 3
    Ascertain your
    value and preferences
  • 4
    Reach a decision
    along with your physician
  • 5