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Care & Cure

Patient Data

Technologies and Processes to understand your condition

Our technology stack consisting of Hx.me, artificial intelligence enabled history collection tool, interviews you like a panel of expert doctors. Our condition specific Patient Diary for continuous monitoring and update. Analytics dash boards to visualise trends. Collaboration tools to share concerns real-time with your physician. High quality Images and records upload functionality. Chronological tree view of history, documents and diagnostic tests.


Medical Information

Latest and Evidence based

Our customized search engines crawl only authentic and reliable sources and collates the latest findings of your symptoms conditions and treatment. The working diagnosis is validated using methodologies like the Alternative competing hypothesis and what if analysis. We offer multicriteria decision tools and services to help you make trade-offs between your preferences and outcomes.

Shared Decisions

Expert knowledge

Expertise converging at the point of care

Our proprietary competency model combined with the semantic technologies to quickly put a team together based on the data collected from you, the information collated and the inputs from treating physicians ensure we put together the best expertise in the world to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan.

It is like getting the best opinion without having to go for multiple 'second opinions.'

Illness to Wellness

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" Good doctors are not THREATENED by your EFFORTS.
In fact, they're STRENGTHENED by it. "